Grid Design Project

A typographic grid organizes text and images across the pages of  a document. Agrid can consist of a single column framed by margins, or it may have multiple columns. When you design a grid, you typically begin with vertical divisions (columns), and then add horizontal divisions.

Project: Create a new document in InDesign. Your page size is 270 x 270 mm. Create a grid with 5mm margins all around and four vertical columns, 5mm gutters. When your document appears on screen, use guidelines to divide the grid again horizontally. Arrange the text below on the grid. Create three different designs on three different pages, all using the same underlying grid. You may use any typeface that was designed in Switzerland. Suggestions: Helvetica, Frutiger, Univers, Sabon. Do two layouts using 12-pt type om;y, and one layout that introduces one additional size of type.


Week Two: Bring three designs to class, each trimmed to the edge and taped to a black board.


Final Project: Choose one design, create a PDF before you produce the finished design.


Here are some of the designs I’ve done (using Helvetica):



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