Art Wolfe

Over the course of his 30 year career, Art Wolfe has worked on every continent and in hundreds of locations. His stunning images interpret and record the worlds fast disappearing wilflife, landscapes and native cultures, and are a lasting inspiration to those who seek to preserve them all. His photographs are recognized throughout the world for their mastery of colour, composition and perspective.

Nick Brandt

Wildlife photography has become a holiday and adventure cliche: have telephoto lens, will snap view up rhino’s nostril — so uninteresting, so blah. And then there’s Nick Brandt. Brandt eschews the telephoto lens in favour of patience combined with a rare courage, determination and an artist’s eye to photograph wildlife. The results are animals so accustomed to Brandt’s presence and so untroubled by him that his pictures are breathtakingly beautiful and touching in their honesty and emotion….He clearly has an affinity with these glorious creatures that’s heart-stopping.

Nigel Barker

For the past 20 years, Nigel Barker has been taking the worlds of fashion, beauty and entertainment by storm. He’s regarded internationally as the renowned photographer and judge on the show Americas Next Top Model. This has resulted in an array of exciting projects including films, commercials, his first book, photographic exhibitions, international editorial assignments and the creation of his own show, The Shot.

Elizaveta Porodina

Elizaveta is a young fashion photographer from Munich, Germany. Her work is unparalleled, passionate in its beauty and enchanting in its concepts. Elizaveta explores hidden emotions and photographs her models in such intimate moments that it’s hard to believe they are posing for her.

Her Stardust series and Prayers For Rain Project have made her hugely popular and her work continues to astound and inspire. Enjoy some of her best work, then see our short but insightful interview with her below.

Michael Bosanko

Michael gets his inspiration  from expected and unexpected avenues. His personal Light Graffiti portfolio shares one thing in common; not one piece has reached photo editing stage unless he is resizing for the web, and using watermarks. There is no layering or overlapping of any kind. He has chosen this path not because he is anti-editing; far from it… he wants to keep his light graffiti pure, learn from his mistakes and triumphs.

The tools he uses are vast. He predominantly uses digital pro Canon gear, and, when the mood takes him, he will use film. Camera settings vary according to environment, or what he aims to achieve. Exposures range from seconds to over an hour. With lights, the vast majority of his tools are simple household torches that are used or fashioned in various ways, along with standard bulbs, LEDs, fire or anything he can get my hands on, and if he can’t find it, he will try and make it.

Frans Lanting

The Frans Lanting Studio in Santa Cruz, California, is the home base for Frans Lanting and his wife and partner Chris Eckstrom, a writer, editor, and producer. Their mission is to promote knowledge and understanding about the earth and its natural history through images and ideas that convey a passion for nature and a sense of wonder about our living planet. Through their work and  alliances, they actively promote conservation at levels ranging from global initiatives to local solutions.
From the Studio they coordinate photo licensing activities for the Frans Lanting Image Collection, which is derived from 25 years of fieldwork around the world and is known for its classic images of wildlife, wild places, natural history, and science and conservation.

Indira Cesarine

Indira Cesarine was lucky enough to find her love for photography at only 15 years old and still go to Columbia to triple major in Art History, French Literature and Women’s Studies all while aggressively shooting with top New York agencies. By the time she had graduated Indira already had several solo shows under her belt and was on her way to London to pursue a career in photography.

Since then Indira Cesarine has built quite a reputation for herself in the industry. She has worked with too many top notch fashion publications to mention, been featured Cannes and Tribeca Film Festival’s, started her own multi-media publication called XXXX Magazine, has been published in Dolce and Gabana’s 20th Anniversary book and is being published in a book curated by Fabian Baron out this month. Not a bad roster of achievements!

Steven Lippman

Steven is an accomplished American Photographer. Born in Los Angeles and raised on a steady diet of TV dinners and soda pop, he is famous for producing images that exemplify the mood and texture of a lifestyle he has helped create. He worked recently on promoting the TV series True Blood in the HBO channel.

Tomi & Cherry

Tomi & Cherry is a creative team of an artist and photographer TOMI and an illustrator, graphic designer and artist CHERRY, and they are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Focusing mainly on editorial works like fashion photography, TOMI & CHERRY explore their creation using diverse ways of techniques to somehow take us to a exciting and mystic visual world. TOMI & CHERRY will introduce their own wonderland, mixing what they see and feel as a magical spice to create a new imagination.

Javier Galue



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